A platform for schools, colleges, business establishments and other organisations to create a newsletter in their own name and send it to their contacts.

How it works

For example, if you are representing a school and want to regularly share information with the school parents, students, teachers, well-wishers, sign up with Newsnote. Newsnote will create a newsletter App in the name of your school.

The school will have an App in Android and Apple stores, in its own name. You can regularly send information/news as a digital newsletter to all your contacts who can access them through the app.



A notification can be triggered whenever a newsletter is sent.


An alert can be triggered to convey an urgent message, for example, a holiday declared due to rains, and so on.

Data transfer

It supports sharing of images and videos. A school can share lively pictures and videos of an event.


Get instant feedback on your newsletter content.

Easy uploads

User-friendly 'Browse, pick and upload' design. Upload text, images, videos, links in a jiffy.